Text 26 Jul 15 notes Happy bday to me
Photo 24 Jul 5 notes Selfwad


Video 18 Jul 5 notes

Otto & the Getaways. The Setters. A cool van. The Amazing screaming potato chip. & me with the cool van. Add Talisker & a Vicodin & bam. Instant fun night. Just saying, I woke up naked with an interesting array of shit on the floor, without a clue why. Well, I have a clue, but I don’t remember the “why’s”

Photo 18 Jul 2 notes Otto & the Getaways

Otto & the Getaways

Text 16 Jul 60 notes got nothing better to do

i taste her poison again
dripping into my mouth
like oil beads
or flowers blooming in summer
seeping nectar.

bugs and creatures
taste her, sampling my flower
stealing life from her
taking her away from me
bleeding her sweetness.

a frenzy builds
with cult-like fervor
and creeps in around her.

(i laugh at myself)
but then again, she isn’t real
i’m outta my mind
and nothing sound resonates
inside me anymore.

Photo 16 Jul 28,081 notes what???


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Video 10 Jul 11 notes

C2K Defender. It shoots a .410 shotgun shell AND a colt .45. Hand cannon.

Video 10 Jul 6 notes

C2K Defender

Text 6 Jul 38 notes enough

she sang off key
slapped me for saying so
she smiled with one eye
flecks of hope trapped beneath
skin thin lids
while storms brewed and thundered
in the other
fury and hell, lakes of fire

illegal fireworks pop off
through the screen
dead vines and dust
trapped by the wind
pressed in and withering
against the woven fiberglass
my mind, my life

I’m a thousand miles away from home
but I may as well be on Mars
this desolate red planet
this miner’s paradise
this prison
I press her picture to my lips
struggling to remember her voice

in my world
there are no miracles
she said everything I wanted to hear
and didn’t even know it

Text 4 Jul 43 notes Cowboys and drug fiends

Roaming space
breaking time
machines and metal don’t understand
these flesh and blood blues
don’t nobody understand.
the time warp breaks
like a bearded old wizard
blowing smoke rings
into the Future.
landing gear up
and back down again
before I even blinked
old men bitchin’
swearing at each other
about cheating
guess we all hate to lose
but then again,
that’s all we’ll ever really do.
nothin’ more depressing
than a low-faced pregnant cowgirl
or my image
in a Monday morning mirror
sombreros drugs fistfights
and guns
shit friends best friends and old friends
line my cell phone
chaos and anarchy borne of free will
humanities’ mutiny.
everything slows down
with the Jazz in my head
bloated bubbles in a lava lamp
eating each other alive
and the world around me
revolves in slow motion
exploding into me

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