Text 10 Oct 10 notes

I’ve been away a while, but don’t worry (as if), I’ve been working on my beard. Oh, & my bachelor’s

Video 10 Oct 10 notes

Beardo. Chinstrap.
Peter Griffin: “Oh no, Lois, it’s time I join the ranks of great men with beards. Why do you think Jesus Christ was so popular, …”

Quote 9 Oct 9 notes
How far can ostrich put its head in the sand before it’s buried alive?
— The Darkhorse Poet
Quote 9 Oct 5 notes
If I don’t die before I get old, I’ll wind up an exceptional eccentric.
— The darkhorse poet
Text 9 Oct 10 notes Oct. 2014

lead memories soaked in mood
hijack my soul
fall, my sullen lure

pain rises
nails a note to my skull
‘everything I ever did wrong’
floating body parts on a lake
soon to be frozen poses
macabre sculptures
stiff winter reminders
until spring thaw

Text 9 Oct 22 notes Prodigal ravings, 10.8.14

The tiny shadows of a flock of southbound birds strafe across my body and riddle the sidewalk like bullet holes.
Terrifying clouds on one side of the freeway, a half-baked moon on the other.
It’s all very ominous and I’m stuck in the middle again.
Fall leans in on northern Minnesota and the south sucks up all the heat.
Another blood red mood last night.
Another sunny day of blistering depression
looking at the world through cunt colored glasses wondering when the fuck it’s going to be my turn
I lost my rose-colored glasses
I fail to see the bright side of anything
-his meds must not be working-
thoughts spring up in the wrong side of town
haunted mansions litter the Darkside of the moon
looming factories pump the shit we breathe deep into the atmosphere polluting the very light of our soul
straitjacket martyrs and credit card slaves
media whores and inbred sex fiends
convoluted shit for brains politicians feed the malnourished masses
emaciated zombies with their hands out
none of this makes any fucking sense
there is no innocence left on this earth unless you crave Third World accommodations
the undead mock the living
sending birthday cards that say ‘why bother?’
I don’t know anymore
I’m lost
my atrophied body dilapidated soul and starving spirit hang stiff like dead men yet shiver in the breeze
an accused treacherous trio
lecherous murderers
born with a noose around their necks
there’s a dull ache in my bones
that never goes away
my vision is constantly blurred
I see the vain struggle of humanity, my therapist sees depression
but I found a gray area to both fact and truth and I named it apathy
so don’t strain struggle or strive too hard
because if you look at it from above,
you’ll see that none of us really had a chance

Photo 29 Aug 22 notes For fun

For fun

Photo 22 Aug 13 notes Oh, I almost forgot…Kilo Kai.

Oh, I almost forgot…Kilo Kai.

Video 22 Aug 12 notes

Bearding out. What if I said I was sitting around eating cheese w a knife twisting my mustache? Would you still love me?

Video 11 Aug 42 notes

Robin Williams

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